13 Small Business Podcasts You Need in Your Life

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Anyone with a long commute or frequent errands to run knows about the life-changing properties of podcasts.

They keep you company while you do the dishes; they change a boring drive into quality time with your headphones. And, as a small business owner (or as someone trying to start your business), where every second of your day counts, podcasts are a great way to turn idle time into a learning opportunity.     

So—we wanted to share some of our favorites with you! Some of them, like Marketing School and The $100 MBA Show, give practical, actionable advice for marketing your brand and growing your business. Others, like Support is Sexy and As Told By Nomads, have empowered and inspired us with stories about breaking boundaries and achieving success.   

These podcasts will give you heaps of knowledge, bursts of optimism, and profound revelations about your business and yourself. We’ve found them all to be deeply enlightening along our business journey, and we think you’ll find them useful, too.

1. Entrepreneur on Fire, John Lee Dumas

Entrepreneur on Fire discusses original topics with unique perspectives from small business owners, startup founders, and solopreneurs. Information about the business journey in nearly every type of industry can be found here.

Examples of topics include “How Musicians and Artists Can Create Sustainable Careers Using Digital Marketing” and “Overcoming the ‘Beast’ of Depression as an Entrepreneurial Leader.”

2. The Art of Hustle, Anthem Salgado

Salgado’s podcast targets business owners looking to grow themselves professionally and develop their business. He addresses topics like how to close more sales, how to prevent your business from running into the ground, and how to get higher-paying clients. Overall, the podcast helps entrepreneurs streamline their business and scale their company.

3. School of Greatness, Lewis Howes

This podcast tells stories of greatness—stories from top business leaders, celebrities, and athletes that inspire listeners and help them achieve greatness for themselves.

How do you overcome loss and stay optimistic and forward-thinking? How do you unleash your untapped potential? How do you write a best-selling book? Lewis Howes’s interviews unearth insightful answers to these questions that will help you grow as a business leader.

4. Support is Sexy, Elayne Fluker

Female business owners and entrepreneurs of diverse backgrounds face their own set of unique challenges. Elayne Fluker’s podcast, which features powerful women around the world, is inspiring and uplifting for those of us who don’t fit the usual CEO archetype.

Fluker is a great storyteller, full of insights, advice, and resources to help empower women in their careers.

5. Marketing School, Neil Patel and Eric Siu

In Marketing School, Neil Patel and Eric Siu bring you digital marketing lessons with a focus on actionable advice. Their topics range from “Essential SEO To-Do List for Brand New Sites” to “How Spotify’s New Dashboard Can Help Podcasters.”

The podcast is useful for small business owners looking to learn more about SEO, content marketing, and other digital marketing techniques.

6. The $100 MBA Show, Omar Zenhom

Omar Zenhom’s $100 MBA Show is practical and to the point, focusing on quick, actionable tips rather than long discussions. Entrepreneurs who are short on time but hungry for advice will find Zenhom’s concise insights accessible, useful, and easy to implement in their own businesses.

7. Indie Hackers, Courtland Allen

Courtland Allen centers this podcast on what he calls “raw conversations,” or unscripted dialogues with the founders of successful online businesses. His interviews reveal the strategies these founders have used to market and grow their business, providing listeners with valuable insights and actionable advice.

8. Youpreneur, Chris Ducker

In Youpreneur, entrepreneur and marketing expert Chris Ducker focuses on what it means to build a brand. He provides helpful tips on the entire business process, beginning with developing a personal brand all the way through launching your product and establishing yourself as an industry leader.

His most interesting take? That great leaders have no rules!

9. Marketing Over Coffee, Christopher Penn and John Wall

Christopher and John’s weekly podcast discusses business and marketing in a casual, conversational way.

The podcast covers the full range of digital marketing techniques, including social media marketing, email marketing, A/B testing, and more. Its information is densely packed but easy for users to consume—perfect for both experienced and first-time entrepreneurs.

10. StartUp, Alex Blumberg and Lisa Chow

StartUp is a documentary series that takes a close look at the realities of launching a startup. Alex and Lisa are great storytellers who reveal a host of unconventional tales—from starting a church to launching companies inside a bus.

The podcast’s deep examination of entrepreneurial life and the characters within it make for compelling stories and profound food for thought.

11. As Told By Nomads, Tayo Rockson

Rockson’s As Told By Nomads features stories about multicultural business leaders involved in culture, travel, and global affairs.

He touches on issues like overcoming cultural divides within the workplace and bringing personality and authenticity to your brand. His stories help business leaders find a path to diversity and inclusion within the workplace and free themselves from both personal and social setbacks along their path toward success.

12. Online Marketing Made Easy, Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield is an online marketing strategist who shares step-by-step advice with small business owners and entrepreneurs. Her podcast makes marketing easy and approachable, even for those who are new to the digital marketing world.

It’s a useful resource for figuring out how to create and market webinars, generate effective Facebook ads, and so much more.

13. Internet Business Mastery, Jeremy Frandsen and Jason Van Orden

Jason and Jeremy teach listeners how to make money online while freeing themselves from the 9-5. They talk about what it means to grow and streamline a personal online business and how to gain financial freedom as a result.

The podcast is a helpful resource for solopreneurs, digital nomads, and others pursuing their own independent digital careers.

Over to You

When grappling with how to start a small business, any piece of advice can help – but some more than others. Whether you want to learn actionable business tips to implement right away or savor deep insights about personal success and entrepreneurial growth, these 13 podcasts have you covered.

Ready to get inspired on your morning commute? Let’s hit that “play” button!

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