10 Best Productivity Hacks to Help Win at Life and Business

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Another year, another chance at redemption – this is the thought process that ultimately birthed the idea of the New Year’s resolution.

But, as some of us with deep-seated commitment issues know (my mirror is winking at me from across the room), following through on personal and professional goals can often feel like swimming towards the shore from within a riptide.

Whether it’s making your bed every morning or knocking out that 10% increase in KPIs, there has to be some way to meet your goals…right?

The answer, according to a number of YouTubers worldwide, is an unequivocal yes – and they’ve outlined the strategies they use to show you how it’s done. If you’ve already fallen out of the resolution race, not to worry (we’re all human!); these tools and tips are surefire ways to help you maintain your goals year-round.

Here are some of the top productivity hacks to help you make the best use of your time.

8 Tips to Stick to your Habits

Here are 8 steps, according to the Practical Psychology channel, that will help you stick to those habits you want to keep. Emphasizing things like having clearly-defined aims and breaking down large objectives into small stages, this video is a succinct roadmap to sustaining your goals throughout the year.

Productive Companies Don’t Use Productivity Hacks

The title of this Tedx Talk may seem to be antithetical to the very point of this blog post – but it isn’t! Using nature as a metaphor, Mike Michalowicz shows how effective organizations mimic the structure of beehives (of all things) and use this as the cornerstone for productive functioning. Intrigued? Watch here how you can find your business’s personal Queen Bee role and set out to protect it, so that you too can manage your “beehive” (read: business) efficiently. 

How to Stop Procrastinating & Get Work Done

Something virtually all human beings struggle with, procrastination can be a huge deterrent, from, well, everything – especially from fulfilling your goals. So, why do we do it, exactly? Well, as Lavendaire puts it, procrastination = resistance, which often stems from feeling something is too important to you. Here’s her advice on how to take action and kick procrastination to the curb.

3 Productivity Hacks & Tips for Entrepreneurs

Rid your life of clutter, disorganization and distraction for a more efficient workspace – sounds ideal but impossible, right? Well, Think Media tells entrepreneurs how to do just that, by organizing tasks into projects, building systems to help your workflow become seamless, and using “smart” tools. Learn more about these three productivity hacks in his video.

How to Set Goals You’ll ACTUALLY Stick To

Everyone loves a good success story, and that was probably Thomas Frank’s thinking when he made this video. He uses real-life examples of famous authors and gamers to demonstrate how goal-setting can be done effectively, noting that small wins – even for the rich and successful – is what propels progress towards goal fulfillment.

The “Block Schedule” System – LIFE CHANGING Productivity Hack!

This one may be a little on the lengthier side, but it’s worth your time. Jordan Page at FunCheapOrFree tackles the question: What makes one person more productive than another? It all comes down to how we use the twenty-four hours we have available in our day. The secret? Stop living life hour by hour, and start living “block by block” instead – i.e. organize your life by chunks of time. Watch here to find out how!

Using Goals to Maintain Willpower

In this video, Brian Tracy discusses using motivation as a means to achieve your goals. He shows you how to prioritize objectives, how to consolidate them into manageable tasks, and how to accomplish them in a systematic way – all while providing tips on how to stay motivated enough to see your goals through.

Productivity Hacks to Save You an Hour Every Day

But First, Coffee breaks down productivity into day-to-day, manageable tasks – among them being writing down your schedule in day planners, having set morning routines, turning off your phone, and other simple yet effective ways to make the most of your time.  

How to Build Good Study Habits

Whether learning a new skill for work or trying to push through a college degree, good study habits can help all of us – but they may be hard to come by. Freedom in Thought takes principles from social psychology and applies them to learning, showing how to hack the study system and create positive habits that are here to stay. (Hint: It doesn’t happen through cramming for exams!)

My Favorite Technique to Improve Studying and Productivity

The Pomodoro technique – as told by Jay from Med School Insiders – uses timed intervals to accomplish difficult tasks. It’s based on a focus-reward system, in which you devote twenty-five minutes to intense concentration and are then rewarded with a five-minute break. Watch the video to find out in which scenarios this technique can be used best!

Over to You

Ready to test these out? Pick two long-term professional goals that you haven’t yet managed to actualize, and try using one of the above productivity hacks to check them off your list. Which of these hacks do you think will get you closer to fulfilling your goals for the new year?

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