The #1 Thing to Invest in Right Now: Growing Your Email List

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Now, more than ever, having and growing your own email list is critical to the success of your business. 

That’s because, with businesses forced to shift online, email marketing is the best way to connect with people and sell your products and services.

And in order to sell things through email, you need to have an email list:

That’s what we talked to Tarzan Kay about today. Tarzan is an email marketing expert who has made over $100k in one month with email marketing. Yup, you read that right – $100k in 1 month (!). 

In this article, Tarzan breaks down email marketing (which is basically using email to promote your products and services) and shares how to grow your email list, what to email your audience about and when to start selling. 

First, what’s so great about email?

As Tarzan shares, email marketing isn’t a one-time activity. It’s a relationship that, if cultivated over time, can help support and grow your business in the long run. 

And that’s not all. Email marketing is awesome because:

1. You control your email list: Unlike social media platforms which can change their algorithms in a second, your email list is completely yours. You control everything about it, and no one can take that away from you. 

2. Email subscribers are more likely to buy your product or service: That’s because people who give you their email address are often more likely to be truly interested in what you have to offer (as opposed to just aimlessly following you on Instagram). 

3. It’s the easiest way to connect: Think about it, people usually check their email at least once a day. So, if you have something important to share – email is the easiest way to communicate it to your audience. Plus, email is a more intimate form of communication so people tend to pay more attention to emails than social media posts.

So, how does email marketing work?

First, build a list. Second, build a relationship. 

Here’s how Tarzan breaks it down. To get started with email marketing, you need to: 

1. Build an email list using an opt-in/freebie – An opt-in is a free piece of content (a template, guide, checklist, etc.) that you give away in EXCHANGE for someone giving you their email address (see Tarzan’s example below):

2. Establish a relationship with your subscribers – Now that you have subscribers, it’s time to establish a relationship with them by consistently providing value through, you guessed it, email. Over time, your subscribers will begin to trust you and ultimately will want to buy your products or services.

Tarzan shares an example of a great opt-in:

This is an awesome example, because it answers a question or solves a problem that customers are currently having and gives away value for free. 

Ok, so now that you have people on your list, what do you email them about?

You need to provide your readers with value. And value doesn’t always mean you need to teach your subscribers things. 

As Tarzan says “you DO need to show up as an expert, but it’s important to think beyond teaching as a way to show up as an expert.” 

There are many other things that can make people view and trust you as an expert (hint: branding is one of them).

So don’t forget to focus on 1) Having a consistent brand, website and designs and 2) Being consistent in your messaging and communication.

When to start selling (+ examples)

So you have these people on your email list, and you’ve been sharing valuable content and interesting stories – but what about selling your products or services? 

When should you make your first sell?

We love Tarzan’s advice about giving your new email subscribers a taste of what you’re doing right away. 

Over to You

To sum it up, to succeed with email marketing, you need to grow your email list (with awesome, valuable opt-ins), nurture your email list (with educational AND entertaining content), and don’t forget to sell to your email list (either right off the bat or after a few emails). 

We hope you got everything you need to get started! To learn more email marketing, you can check out Tarzan’s website and Instagram.

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