7 Influencers to Follow to Build and Grow Your Business Fast

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When you’re starting a business, you need all the help you can get. 

Well, sort of. With so much information and ‘experts’ out there, it can be overwhelming to figure out who to listen to and what to do. That’s why we created a list of the 7 best small-business influencers to follow online. 

These influencers will help you grow your business, social media, build an email list, create and sell profitable packages, build a brand, and so much more. 

1. Vanessa Lau: Growing your Instagram following

Influencer: Vanessa Lau

Bio: Vanessa is an Online Business Coach for Millennials and I help YOU build a powerful and profitable personal brand online. 

Where you can find her: YouTube channel

What she can help you with: Growing and getting customers from Instagram

Top content: How to grow Instagram channel organicallyMy Instagram strategy exposed

2. Gary Vaynerchuk: Marketing & motivation

Influencer: Gary Vaynerchuck

Bio: Gary is a self-made millionaire, expert marketer, and the founder and CEO of Vayner Media.

Where you can find him: WebsiteYouTube

What he can help you with: Build and market your business, make money, and stay motivated

Top content: The GaryVee content strategy (slides), 10 different ways to grow your business on social media

3. Angie Lee: Building & marketing your business

Influencer: Angie Lee

Bio: Angie is an entrepreneur, social media marketing expert and business coach who inspires people to turn their ideas into successful businesses.  

Where you can find her: WebsiteInstagramPodcast

What she can help you with: Building and marketing your business

Top content: How to write winning copyHow to build a reputation when you’re just starting out

4. Amy Porterfield: Build an email list and grow your business

Influencer: Amy Porterfield

Bio: Amy is a leading online marketing educator and entrepreneur.

Where you can find her: WebsiteInstagram

What she can help you with: Building a profitable business, growing your email list, and online marketing

Top content: How to build an email listHow to grow your business with online marketing

5. Zander Fryer: Starting a high-impact coaching business

Influencer: Zander Fryer

Bio: Zander is a certified Success Coach and business consultant, in addition to being CEO and Founder of the Sh*t You Don’t Learn in College coaching program.

Where you can find him: Blog

What he can help you with: Building and scaling a successful coaching business

Top content: Big mistakes you’re making nowHow to become a successful nutrition coach

6. Melinda F. Emerson: Creating a successful business

Influencer: Melinda F. Emerson

Bio: Melinda, SmallBizLady, is America’s #1 Small Business Expert. She has been a thriving entrepreneur for nearly 20 years and is an internationally known keynote speaker and expert on small business development and social media marketing. 

Where you can find her: WebsiteYouTube

What she can help you with: Building and marketing your business

7. Jenna Kutcher: Marketing and starting a business

Influencer: Jenna Kutcher

Bio: Jenna is an online marketing expert and entrepreneur.

Where you can find her: WebsitePodcast

What she can help you with: Building and scaling a successful business

Top content: How I doubled my Instagram growth, 5 strategies to grow your email list

Over to You

Are there any influencers that have helped you grow your business? Reach out to us! We’d love to hear what you’re working on right now and how influencers have made a positive impact on your success. 

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