7 Reasons Why a YouTube Channel Is a Must For Every Brand

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, after its parent, Google. This makes it an extremely powerful tool for brands that want to increase their reach and connect with their target customers across the globe. 

The platform allows you to improve both your short-term and long-term marketing efforts, and in this article, we take a look at 7 reasons why a YouTube channel is a must for every brand. 

Read on to discover all the different ways you can leverage this platform to generate new leads and grow your business.

Can YouTube Help Brands Grow?

Short answer: Yes. YouTube is a powerful platform that can help your brand grow. It’s one of the best marketing tools for both small businesses and large corporations.

YouTube marketing is a perfect way to get people to your site, newsletter, content upgrades, etc. All other social sites pale in comparison because you have to keep reminding your followers to click your links in your profile. 

Also, when you create new posts, with new calls to actions, the older posts tend to become irrelevant whereas, on YouTube, videos stay relevant and engaging. 

By using YouTube SEO best practices (search engine optimization), such as having an awesome video intro that starts off your video with a bang, you can ensure that more of your videos are shown in response to relevant search queries by your target audience.

There are many reasons why you need to use this powerful platform as part of your brand’s overall marketing strategy, some of which we will look at below.

7 Reasons Your Brand Needs a YouTube Channel ASAP

Before we dive into the reasons you need a YouTube channel right now, here are a few impressive YouTube statistics to give you an even deeper understanding of why video is important to your brand and how this video-publishing platform can help:

  • Over 60% of people prefer to watch online videos rather than watching live TV
  • It is estimated that by 2025, viewers aged 32 and under will not subscribe to pay-TV services
  • YouTube has higher engagement with 18- to 49-year-old viewers than any cable TV and broadcast networks
  • There is more video content uploaded online in 1 month than has been created on TV in the last 3 decades
  • Viewers watch over 1 billion hours of video on YouTube every day, which is more than Netflix and Facebook combined

With numbers like these, it’s very clear to see that brands cannot underestimate the importance of YouTube as a way to help them expand and grow.

Now that you understand how YouTube can help your brand grow, let’s take a look at 7 reasons your brand needs a YouTube channel ASAP.

1. YouTube is the second largest search engine

As previously mentioned, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. It’s bigger than Yahoo and Bing, and having optimized content on the platform is one of the best ways to ensure that you will be found by the people looking for your products or services. 

On YouTube, you will be able to effectively communicate with a worldwide audience. With more and more people choosing video over written content, you can rest assured that your target audience is already consuming videos on the platform. 

All you have to do is upload videos with useful information to help them find solutions to their questions, challenges, and problems. 

When you can provide video content that helps people achieve their goals and be able to optimize the content well, you are assured of long-term success on YouTube. 

Not only will you be able to generate massive amounts of awareness for your brand, but you will also be able to drive new leads, grow your email list, and much more. 

You can optimize your YouTube videos using techniques that are similar to SEO (search engine optimization), such as: 

  • Creating a captivating title
  • Choosing an eye-catching thumbnail
  • Optimizing your video description
  • Creating video playlists
  • …and so on. 

2. Rank higher with Google

YouTube is owned by Google and the video-sharing platform has become synonymous with its parent site. Accounts on both websites link up, and their search algorithms are very similar

When given the option, Google provides YouTube video results before all other hosting sites. This means that when you have optimized videos on YouTube, this boosts your SEO efforts.

A well-ranked video on YouTube can work to increase your exposure in Google SERPs (search engine results pages) by attracting a lot of clicks over to your brand’s website.

With this boost in traffic, most of which will be from users that have already shown an interest in your brand, you will experience an improvement in your website’s metrics for the Google search algorithm. 

On YouTube, you can also include links within the comments section of the video, making it even easier for viewers to click through to your website. 

As you can see, YouTube on its own is a powerful platform for helping your brand grow, but when used together with Google, you will be able to rank higher and get phenomenal results from your marketing efforts.

3. Customers are searching for YOU on YouTube 

For the most part, the way we speak is better for engaging an audience than written content. When it comes to providing answers and solutions, videos allow you to explain things in a better, more detailed, and more engaging way than written posts. 

That’s why many people turn to YouTube when they need to learn something. And with over 79% of internet users owning a YouTube account, this presents a massive opportunity for brands.

One of the reasons why YouTube is such a powerful marketing tool is that users are often intentionally searching for solutions and information on YouTube, rather than passively engaging as they do on other platforms. 

You can capitalize on this by creating high-retention videos targeted at your ideal customers. You have the advantage of having their full attention as they are searching for specific solutions to their problems, as opposed to other social media platforms where they are subconsciously swiping through content. 

On YouTube, viewers have specific objectives in mind, such as: 

  • Finding an answer to a question like “How to fix a leaky faucet”
  • Improving a specific skill, e.g. “How to learn Chinese in 6 months”
  • Looking for entertainment, for instance,  “Best sci-fi movies for 2021”

As a marketer, you have the advantage of being able to step into your viewers’ shoes. This gives you the ability to make it easier for your audience to find your videos by coming up with the questions that your ideal customers are asking and then addressing the different questions in the title, description, and content of your videos.

4. Build trust with viewers

Trust is one of the most important determining factors in whether or not customers do business with your brand, and fostering trust is essential to video marketing. 

YouTube can be extremely valuable in helping you build credibility and trust with your viewers. By posting high-quality, helpful content on your YouTube channel, you will be able to boost your business’s credibility and prove your authority in the industry. 

The platform is a great way to make the interaction between your brand and your customers more real

It can help you showcase your brand’s personality and demonstrate your products or services in a realistic way, both of which are great tactics for increasing customer trust and building customer loyalty.

Here are a few trust-building strategies that you can implement in your video marketing campaigns to make it more likely that customers will commit to your products or services:

Tell your brand’s story: If you want to keep your customers engaged on YouTube, leverage the power of storytelling, instead of doling out a list of facts and figures pertaining to your business.

Engage customers directly: Your videos should not be monologues, but rather interactive ways to communicate with your audience. For instance, if you receive a question from one of your customers, you can address it in video format

Also, always respond to comments on your videos and respond to other videos made about your business’s products and services

Highlight your industry: One of the best ways to position yourself as an authority in your niche and show your viewers that you know what you’re talking about is to provide industry highlights, such as trends in products or styles, or innovations in technology.

As you can see from the image below, video is growing in popularity with each passing year, presenting unending opportunities for brands to build trust with their audiences. 

5. Capture quality leads

YouTube helps you capture quality leads and increase your subscriber base, which ultimately leads to more ways to make money on the platform. When you have your own channel on YouTube, you will have a much easier time getting people to click through to your website or subscribe. 

Studies show that people who view at least 30 seconds of your video are more likely to visit your brand’s channel or subscribe. You can use YouTube channel as an effective platform for cultivating qualified leads using the following strategies: 

Add YouTube cards: These are the interactive cards shown in YouTube videos (typically toward the end). They allow creators to share clickable links throughout the video. YouTube allows you to add up to five cards which you can use to encourage viewers to take some kind of action, such as clicking to a landing page, taking a poll, donating to a charity, and so on.

Use end screens: Another tactic for capturing quality leads is to use end screens to promote a specific landing page. End screens are mobile-friendly features that allow you to end your video with a call to action. You can use them to get your viewers to subscribe to your channel or newsletter, check out your other social media posts, and so on.

Respond to comments: Most marketers underestimate this tactic for capturing quality leads. When you respond to your video comments in a timely manner, it shows your audience that you genuinely care, and when people see a timeline that is active with many people who are engaged in what you offer, it makes it more likely that they, too, will want to engage with your brand.

6. Embedding capabilities

YouTube makes embedding your videos on a variety of platforms easy. You can embed your brand’s videos in many different places, including social media sites, websites, and blogs. 

This is particularly useful for brands that want to increase their awareness by sharing valuable content with a wide segment of the population on different platforms. 

If one of your goals is to achieve maximum reach for your video content, then YouTube makes it very easy to repost your videos, whether manually or through the use of marketing automation. The platform also makes it easy to encourage your viewers to share your videos, as well.

7. YouTube ads receive better engagement

Creating and promoting YouTube ads is still among the best ways for brands to generate leads on the platform. Most ads are generally shown at the start of a video, and brands are continually searching for creative ways to advertise and share their message without being too overbearing. 

On YouTube, ads are more powerful than on other social platforms because there’s a higher ad acceptance rate. This is likely due to the multi-format feature of ads on the platform, which gives brands a lot more ad format options to choose from. 

By offering brands a wider selection, it allows them to choose the ad format that is best suited to their target audience. 

As you can see from the graph below, the time spent watching videos online, as well as ad spending has increased significantly in the past year, and is expected to reach new highs in the coming year. 

Also, branded content viewed on YouTube has a 32% engagement rate. This combination of a global audience and a wide variety of ad formats to choose from means that your brand will have an easier time appealing to its target audience compared to other social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. 


The mere thought of committing hours to creating videos is usually enough to make people shy away from video marketing. 

But, if you have recognized the massive opportunity that video marketing presents for your brand, the good news is that video is within your reach regardless of where you are in terms of time, money, knowledge, or skills. 

And while many believe that YouTube is saturated, the truth is that video is still in its infancy. 

More and more people are choosing video content over written content, which means that there is an opportunity for brands who are new to the platform to build successful YouTube channels – as long as they commit to providing high-quality, relevant, and engaging content

So, if this article has provided you with the inspiration to create a YouTube channel for your brand, now is the perfect time for you to get involved.

Did this post convince you that a YouTube channel is a must for every brand? Let us know in the comments section below!

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